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Notes from a Medium-Sized Island

14 October 1980
Solomon Grundy,
Hacked on Monday,
Bugs on Tuesday,
Fixed on Wednesday,
Theorems on Thursday,
Thesis on Friday,
Published on Saturday,
Tenured on Sunday:
This is the CV Of Solomon Grundy.

Somewhat more seriously: Born and lived in Madison, WI for 18 years. Went to CMU for 4. Acquired BS in computer science and mathematics. Also learned how to BS proficiently in said topics. Decided I hadn't had enough pittsburgh-flavored punishment yet, and started the PhD program at the same institution, in CS. Finished that up right quick in a mere 7 years. I did a postdoc gig in Philadelphia, daydreaming about how to fix what ails the internet with Programming Languages magic. I moved to Brooklyn, and worked for Google for a while. I am waiting for you to figure out what I should do next. Jeez what is taking you so long?


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