Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Here is a video made by a woman with autism who describes the first part of the video as being "in her native language". In the second part she complains that she is not treated as a person when she speaks in "her own language" as opposed to communicating "everyone else's language", i.e. speech and writing. I think it's telling that she uses the word language so inclusively — I'd be hypocritical for criticizing someone seeing linguistic phenomenon in everything, but to count essentially all sensory experience as commuication eliminates exactly the significance of "communication" as being between two parties.

Of course if you don't interact with other people according to their expectations of how people interact they will not regard you as a person: rocks and cows don't try to have conversations with me, and so I don't think of them as people. Certainly false negatives are tragic, i.e. mistakenly thinking someone is in a vegetative state when in fact they're perfectly conscious of their environment and self but unable to easily express it, but what can you do? Determining personhood is an essentially impossible problem to get exactly right.
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