Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hey, if relaxatorium can be not too shy to post song-y mumblings to the world, then so can I, right? Maybe.

Am G
Am G
Dm G
C (walk down) Am
F G (maybe hold the G an extra bar)

I can't see the stars
the city's much too bright
so if it's more convenient
we can try another night
I could wait forever
it's an easy song to play
where I don't have a thing to say

do you remember that november
a couple years ago
us lying on a table
and me, I didn't know
why obvious and simple things
become impossible to see
you just laughed and said to me

bring your old Les Paul
and we can start a band
we'll write a millon songs
that no one will understand
except just the two of us
and maybe all our friends
and we'll never feel so cold again

I certainly am not the first-person narrator in this tiny, banal story. If only I had a Les Paul! Too bad that mentioning objects because they scan well does not cause them to exist in my closet.
Tags: songwriting

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