Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Like an oc- ean, like an oc- ean
        Am  C            Em  G
As oft- en it's said
   Am   C       Em    G
You can- not go sail- ing
    Am   C      Em    G
For your broth- ers are dead
         Am     C       Em    G
You can't know her name and
    Am    C        Em   G
You won't see her face and
    Am    C       Em   G
You shan't gain the par- don of
    Am     C        Em   G
The man you replaced 
    Am  C     Em    G
And after the rain, and after the snow
    D         Am        C         G
The captain will signal the soldiers to go
    D            Am         C           G
He'll give up his search as the sun travels west
      D           Am            C           G
With a blade in his right hand, and blood on his left
       D            Am              E7           Am
(repeat A)

(in A section, each chord lasts two beats, in B each lasts 4)
Tags: songwriting

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