Jason (jcreed) wrote,

...other bodies giving rise to them, and numerous other elements, largely ideal.

Oh man just finished the first fourth ("The Shadow of the Torturer") of Gene Wolfe's "Book of the New Sun". It uses a few conceits I usually find slightly irritating in genre science fiction and fantasy, but holy crap it is some good writing at the very small scale of words and sentences, and also extremely enjoyable at the large scale of character, plot, and world.

Hi, I should be working on my thesis proposal and instead I am reading loony novels about transcendent philosophy and deadly leafy-plants.

When you're borught up in the guild it seems like the center of the world. But when you're a little older—this is what I've found myself, and I know I can rely on you not to tell tales—something pops in your head, and you discover it isn't the linchpin of this universe aftera all, only a well-paid, unpopular business you happen to have fallen into. (p. 70)
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