Jason (jcreed) wrote,

A pair of paradoxes, with implied resolutions, one cliché, another not quite as much:


Imagine a being that can change its appearance to any form.
Can it change its appearance to the-form-that-causes-2+2-to-be-equal-to-5?

Imagine a being who can perform any act.
Can it cause 2+2 to be equal to 5?


Alice and Bob are talking. Bob is visiting from far away. It is his first visit to Alice's city, and has not interacted much with anyone besides Alice. He says that people are polite where he comes from. Alice thinks people are fairly rude where she lives. She concludes that people are ruder where she lives compared to where Bob lives.

It is Carol's birthday. She thinks back to her youth. She bemoans the fact that people are so much more rude nowadays than when she was young.
Tags: mpnolanesque
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