Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Last night I couldn't sleep very well, and I found myself mentally computing terms of what turned out to be A000992(i) * 2i. This does not work well as a substitute for counting sheep. This morning in the shower I realized that I might as well be counting the much simpler sequence A000992 directly.

It's about 5am now. Plane for pittsburgh leaves in a few hours. This time I know ahead of time I can get free wireless in Cinci, so I may actually take advantage of it for more than three minutes right before my flight leaves, as I did on the way over here.


Edited to add:
It turns out that the 27th is a different day from the 28th, but that if you stupidly buy your ticket for the former while thinking the whole time that you bought it for the 28th, and only realize your mistake at the check-in counter, the nice airline employee there will get you a new ticket for exactly the same itinerary for just $25. And not charge you for having luggage over the weight limit. Thanks, humanity, for restoring my faith in you, for the time being.
Tags: math, travel

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