Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hung out with Norm today some more before he got the bus back to Chicago. He taught me a little more about the physics stuff he's working on at Northwestern, and we walked around downtown and visited the capitol building. It was kind of weird for, since I haven't been over to that part of town since I was fairly young.

Also the public library downtown looked eerily similar yet seemed smaller, since I am a lot bigger than I was the last time I had been in here. At the time, they had just finished replacing the actually-on-cards card catalog with little green-on-black terminals that let you telnet into some catalog server.

Dinner was at this italian place called Biaggi's. Apparently on their spaghetti they put those delicious little spheres of fresh mozzarella. I love that shit so much. They are such lovely little marshmallowy blobs of pure cheese deliciousness.
Tags: food, social

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