Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Year in review:

January 1: "Watched some more Arrested Development with Norm today. Season 3 continues to be insanely brilliant. Had some sort of authentic chicago deep-dish pizza, "sort of authentic" since it came from a chain based out of philly and only started serving deep-dish a couple months ago, says norm. But still, I ate it in Chicago! 'sGotta count for something."

February 1: "Still trying to figure out how to connect the proof I did to the way labelled deduction stuff is expressed in the literature. Trouble is I don't really understand the latter too well. I am too much exposed to the Frank-filtered version for it to be familiar."

March 1: "Okay, I am not quite as doomed as I thought. Came in and secured on of the cables going to the motherboard, and it boots now again. So it looks like the "jcreed stupidly bumped one of the cables in the process of trying to connect the other HD" is winning out over "jcreed, destroyer of personal electronics"."

April 1: "Today Team Eating Buildings participated for the eleventeenth time in a Microsoft-affiliated puzzle hunt thing. It was pretty fun. We got sixth place. Many of the puzzles were severely broken, though, which was sad. Watch out for Snialar, the deceptive defective IKEA bed."

May 1: "The first of may, the first of may, outdoor fthe weather sure is nice today. Mid 50s and sunny right now, supposed to get up to the 70s."

June 1: "HyLo 2006 deadline got extended until today, so I am still working on it, having given up on the original deadline because of speaking skills cramming. I have about 8.5 pages that I mostly just wrote yesterday and today, and I probably should make use of the full 15 that they allow. This paper has perhaps the most diverse bibliography of anything I've ever written. I'm all CITE CITE CITE CITE CITE..."

July 1: "flosculation n. (1651) An embellishment or ornament in speech, e.g. The speaker's lecture was rendered laughable by ridiculous flosculations."

August 1: "Once there was a boy, whose friends every day played a nameless game. They did not tell the boy the rules of this game, but this was fair: nobody told them the rules, either. The boy desperately wanted to win the game, but also he equally wished to stop playing, because it was a bewildering game, and often while running with the other children he would fall and scrape his knees. He knew somehow that it was impossible to win while wanting to quit, and impossible to quit as long as he wanted to win. And yet he didn't know why he wanted to win, or wanted to quit, or how it was that many (but not all) of the other children seemed to be having a good time, while he remained indifferent. He tried talking to his friends about it, but he found their conversation was still governed by the unspoken rules of play, and so found no conclusion."

September 1: "My copy of "Empires of the Word" had in fact been lost at Joe Mama's! I got it back now. Woo."

October 1: "Party at arh006 and pepperedjane's new place in celebration of lambdacalculus's recent birthday. Fun! I was a bit sleepy, but lincoln3 I think was even sleepier, although he may have been fakin' it. On the party-iPod-hooked-up-to-speakers rotation I heard the self-same neutral milk hotel song ("In the Aeroplane over the Sea") that we had just been playing earlier today."

November 1: "Oh man so much with the proving. Also watched Lost. J. J. Abrams is a crazy man, and only involves himself with crazy things."

December 1: "It's december, and it's finally winter out. I enjoyed the blustery clouds of attack-leaves in the early afternoon. Not much else to report. I got my copy of the Unicode book in the mail, and it is sweet."
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