Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I had some thoughts here about topological spaces and comonads that I don't remember reading anywhere, but this stuff is totally elementary — it's a prime candidate for "this stuff was worked out 50 years ago during the early days of category theory". I'm just trying to sort out for myself what the "categorified" version of viewing topological spaces as sets-equipped-with-an-interior-operation is. It's certainly not essential that I'm doing it with comonads (and interior operations) instead of monads (respectively closure operations). I just felt like thinking of interiors for some reason.

According to my own guts and aleffert's egging-me-on, I should give a random talk next semester to give myself practice giving talks in such a way that is actually fun because I'm deciding to do it instead of being obliged to do it. Any suggestions for a topic? Like things you've heard me mumble about and want to hear the straight story about?
Tags: categories, talks

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