Jason (jcreed) wrote,

From BoingBoing, a phrase that might not be Language Log's notion of "WTF coordination, but it sure yielded a WTF reaction from me:
... Recently, BNL front-man Steve Page founded an upstart association for Canadian musicians and labels that takes the radically sensible position that DRM sucks, fans shouldn't be sued, and musicians should work the Internet, not against it.

After a second I parsed it successfully, understanding there to be an empty phrase coordinated with "against":

musicians should work [] the Internet, not [against] it.

Not sure how sensible this analysis is; on second thought, "work" is switching sense from from transitive to intransitive, so there isn't really a null (prepositional?) slot after the first work at all, is there? Maybe in a language with separate morphemes to distinguish the accusative case this construction would make more sense.

(incidentally the original cited post said "work the the Internet", but clearly that was just a typo)
Tags: grammar, linguistics, web

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