Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I really need to remember to wake up earlier in the future. When I get working early in the morning it's actually rewarding and not-too-awfully-difficult. I just rewrote the parts of the introduction to my thesis proposal that were giving me the most hair-tearing angst last time I touched them, and it didn't seem hard at all to clarify the things that needed to be clarified.

In this language log article, I find that I can't help but think that "glee" is an intrinsically funny-sounding word. Glee glee glee! Also its italian relative (well, not to imply that it's related, but...) "Gli" I enjoy the sound of. Palatalized ell FTW.

During class this morning I noticed based on Frank's comments that the standard LLF implementation of miniml with references only fixes one of the two obvious problems with the "toplevel" that arise from the referencey bits: the predicate close only apparently closes up with respect to extra ref cells floating around in the context, not with respect to the return value referring to parameters. In fact, since the first-order structure that's returned has those parameters in it, I don't even see how computation finishes... I'll have to think about it more.

In my continued determined skimming straight through TWF, I found the diagram herein that unifies platonic solids, all the dihedral and cyclic groups, and tesselations of the euclidean a hyberbolic plans, a tremendously beautiful and surprising thing.
Tags: thesis, writing

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