Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I don't think I'll ever hear that sad song again

Music with spoons, cdtwigg, robots_suck, iole200. Much fun. I got frustrated at not being able to play such a simple-seeming song as Pulp's "common people", but then I got over it and faked it okay. Other new (to me) material: Ok Go, "Million Ways", and a version of "Mad World" somewhere between the Tears for Fears original and the sweet Donnie Darko soundtrack version, due apparently to Gary Jules.

Also distracting me from thesis revision is a continuing thread of ideas in an attempt to both lump together the way substructural logics deal with context, and also to understand linear modalities like ! and ? better. Somehow I arrived at a cute graph notation for sequents (not, as in proof nets, a graphical notation for proofs) a group of 8 surprisingly symmetric rules that are the left and right rules for each of the asynchronous and synchronous "halves" of each of ! and ?, and a weird 3-way connection between the two ordered function spaces and fuse, in that all of them arise from one of the three possible orientations around the context's comma. And it all leads straight back into a disturbing amount of metaphorical use of multilinear algebra. If you know any: the commma in the context is a rank-3 tensor, specifically one of type (2,1). For every index of the tensor you can make up an asynchronous inference rule, where the context appears in one of the three positions in the premise; the synchronous rule can be derived from it mechanically.
Tags: music, work

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