Jason (jcreed) wrote,

  • Went to class
  • Hacked on logic programming project for a while with tom7
  • Met with advisor, who gave me comments on thesis proposal document. Cringe, cringe, but then move on.
  • D's: plenty of fun.
  • Almost got talked into going to 80s night at the upstage, but overwhelmed by gut feeling of ugh just don't wanna at the very threshold of going in. I do value the helpful peer pressure of my closest and deviousest friends, but tonight just wasn't the night I guess.
  • Recorded a brief little tune after getting back home. I am getting ever so slightly better at tweaking the little knobbity things on Audacity.
  • Woo insomia, even (especially?) after telling myself I really need to get some good sleep tonight.
Tags: music, social, thesis, work

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