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Friendly and Unpretentious OR Equal parts Lynchian, Fellinian, and Steve Buscemian

Logic programming midterm was today. Since my advisor meeting was also, I got back the graded exam within like three hours of finishing. I did fine, losing points on the problem I was most confident in, and mysteriously not losing points in the places I was most certain I did wrong things. I still think Frank was being a bit lenient, there. I mean, if I was grading it I would take off for me forgetting to account for the extra variables that unification fails to garbage-collect in the statement of soundness...

Instead of going to D's tonight, I decided to see "Science of Sleep" with some people, which I retroactively justify to myself by the fact that it we caught the very last showing. It is a crazy and extremely Michel-Gondry-ish movie. Two thumbs up, but the thumbs are made of corrugated cardboard, cellophane, and felt, and move in a jerky, dream-like fashion. Also they are creepy, yet strangely endearing. Alternatively, let me direct your attention to omg everything about charlotte gainsbourg. There is something all a-flutter, you guys. It may or may not be somewhere in the left-hand side of my chest. It may or may not have to do with the glasses she had on in a couple scenes.

Briefly before going, having already committed to it, I discovered that Skibo upstairs in the UC was running an open mic, and had just enough time to play a little. Did "blue step", "can't think of anyone", "ruby, my dear", and "take five", on the latter of which I somehow managed a pretty decent solo after stumbling over a couple rhythms.
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