Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to susmit's practice talk, and heard Neel talk about his focus-y pattern system. Neat stuff all around. In the evening dropped by a KGB event, during which there was a guitar being passed around a bit, so I figured out how to play what we had worked out for groen's Arma Virumque (very different than my first attempt, which was deemed quite wisely to be too upbeat and major) up a whole step in Em instead of Dm, because fuck if I'm going to play a whole bunch of Bb. Damn fun. Turns out everything is nice easy open chords there except for the B7, which is a slightly less easy open chord (x21202) so I got by okay.

meschach, if you're still interested in trying to play it, it goes like:
Em C Em Em
C G D Em
C G D Em
C G D Em

C G D Em
C G B7 B7
C G D Em
C G D Em
Tags: music

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