Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Taking accounts

I find this somehow amusing.

Total cash money I have seen this calendar year so far directly due to

Theoretical computer science research: ~$18k
Type design: $78.00*
Playing piano: $7.00**

*"Skibo" was a commission job for the CMU yearbook, and Yishan is highly suggestible when it comes to sample sentences meant to test the dollar symbol.

**Over xmas break my dad and stepmom took me to a restaurant in Madison. Also present at the table was the guy who owned the restaurant, being a friend of my dad's, so I asked him if he minded if I messed around a bit on the totally sweet-looking grand that was a few tables behind us. He said no, go right ahead. It was in fact an incredibly sweet piano, very nice action, gorgeous sound. Probably hardly ever got played. People left tips despite my insistence I was just some guy and not the official hired piano dude or anything like that.
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