Jason (jcreed) wrote,

oh nose!

Gah my sinuses are in some pain and spewing forth oh god the fluids. This is day three of having a bit of a nuisancey head cold. Day one was sore throat, day two was stuffy nose, and today is runny nose from hell. Should be better soon.

I continue in my unbroken streak of doing at least some thesis proposal writing work every day straight through the weekend, and it is awesome. This is the most disciplined I've been in a long time. I don't have a whole ton of stuff written, just about 10 pages, but the steady if slow growth of it is what makes me happy.

For-fun reading lately has been:

1. Goldstone & Goldstone's "Slightly Chipped", a book I picked up at random from the comp sci library at pitt because they had it advertised on the new book shelf. It is a really funny bunch of stories about the authors' lives as rampaging book-collecting nerds. I should grab more of their other writing after I'm done with this one.

2. Valli and Lucas, "Linguistics of American Sign Language". Only have skimmed it, really, but it's pretty neat. Very undergraduate-level, and stops to explain a lot of basic issues of linguistics, but very understandable as a result.
Tags: books, sick, work

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