Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Party at arh006 and pepperedjane's new place in celebration of lambdacalculus's recent birthday. Fun! I was a bit sleepy, but lincoln3 I think was even sleepier, although he may have been fakin' it. On the party-iPod-hooked-up-to-speakers rotation I heard the self-same neutral milk hotel song ("In the Aeroplane over the Sea") that we had just been playing earlier today.

And, speaking of things like G-Em-C-D chord progressions that are too goddamned cute for their own good, let me tell you a story of me vs. cat. At the house over on Wilkins where relaxatorium and chrisamaphone and I think x77303066 live, there is a tiny black kitten named Kallisti. Now, although I try not to make a big deal of this, basically I don't like cats that much, especially when they try to get all up in my grill and crawl around my sensitive between-legs bits when I am trying to sit down and do my thing playing on the keyboards. However! After trying several times to do precisely this, not deterred a bit by my standing up every time it did in an obvious attempt to deny lap-crawling privileges to it, the cat finally wore down my resolve, and proceded to nuzzle into the space between my outer jacket and shirt, turn round, and just sit there cozily nestled against my hip, sticking naught but its TINY, ADORABLE head out to survey the wide world.

You win, cat. You win this time.
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