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- [Dec. 24th, 2000|02:40 pm]
Nguh. Headache.

Hoo boy. Things not to do: run make-kpkg on 2.4.0test12
and then dpkg -i the resulting package without realizing
that this kind of writes a new symlink to /vmlinuz.
I wound up at one point having two lilo labels pointing
to a 2.4 kernel that would not boot, and the one remaining
one (thank god) pointing to a 2.2.16 kernel, a failed
attempt at getting ip masquerading to work over the
summer. But it would boot and let me fuck with lilo
enough to get my 2.2.13 kernel working again.

Still haven't found a 2.4.0 configuration that boots
correctly, though, rrgh.

Arthur dying.