Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had fun playing stuff and generally messing around musically today with mellowcupcake and groen. Apparently when there are words in front of me that are actually, like, nice tight poetic little thingies with non-tacky rhymes and sufficiently interesting but still extremely coherent scansion — i.e. lyrics not written by me — half the time I just instantly hear music to go with them. I don't know if my bag of tricks chord-progression-wise, much less melodically, is to anyone else's liking (although I plan on plundering mellowcupcake's corresponding bag as much as humanly possible in the short-term future, given that his brain is involved in stuff like this stuff over yonder, which plundering already happened a considerable amount today as we sort of filled in one another's gaps in coming up with stuff) but man I am having fun playing at least.

Especially this guy is stuck in my head now:
verse: Gb Dbm E B
        Gb Dbm E B
        Gb Dbm E B
        Gb Dbm B Gb
chorus: Db Ebm7 B Db
        Db Ebm7 B Gb
        Db Ebm7 B Db
        Db Ebm7 B Gb

Especially especially the Db-Ebm7 move with like an F moving up to a Gb in the melody. Mmmm.

Also "Cat and Girl" has corrupted my brain. I was reading about Marilyn Hacker, the poet whose work heads the chapters in the Delany book (she also was married to him for a while) and the article mentioned she often wrote villanelle. I thought, aha, right, the most restrictive of all sandwich forms.
Tags: music
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