Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Read Delany's short novel "Babel-17" today. It's corny 1960s scifi through and through, and especially the neurolinguistic plausibility of the Sapir-Whorfery at the very heart of the plot is eyebrow-raising at best, but it's totally a fantastic yarn anyway. I enjoyed every minute.

Favorite quotes:

"So when I walked into the greenhouse and said hello to this myna bird, and it replied, 'Hello, Rydra, it's a fine day and I'm happy,' I knew immediately that it was lying" (156)

"Because I am," he said softly, "and you are" (163)

"...fear tactics won't work."
"What will?"
"Algol, Onoff, and Fortran, with the help of a barber and the fact that it's Wednesday." (209)
Tags: books

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