Jason (jcreed) wrote,

hey, watch your mouth! Some of my best friends are zombies

I was hangin' out with the KGB kids at the "zombie walk + movie" event, and then I lost them. Oh well. They'll surely be back from their shamble for to see the movie. I got some reading done in the meantime: Bloom on Proust and about half of this "how to read" book by Francine — no, really: — Prose. The latter I bought on an impulse after reading the introduction in the bookstore and being all fired up by her overflowing booklust. The bulk of it isn't bad, but not quite as compelling.

The movie was "Shaun of the Dead". Quite hilarious! I wish I coulda watched it with subtitles on. I know a little british, but I'm not quite fluent, and in their more mumbly moments I felt I was missing jokes.

Also, aha, I knew I recognized the actor that played Pete! He was intimately involved in the hilarious documentary parody "Look Around You".
Tags: books, movies

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