Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Definitely had a more decent day today. Class was kind of interesting, and I got the homework for it done in the afternoon. Thanks to aleffert for helpfully telling me magic secret incantations to give to gprolog to get clause/2 to stop giving me silly permission denied errors. Also, way to go gprolog, for making a violation of some mysterious public/private scheme sound like a horrible filesystem error or something. As lincoln3 would say, I have only the shit-man to thank.

Later on I had a delicious dinner with the aforementioned aleffert and the sadly plague-ridden _tove at \bigcup grill, and then I read some of Tolstoy's novella "Hadji Murad", because Bloom raved about it a lot. I'm like 30 pages into it, and it's not totally winning me over, but I figure I'll probably finish it.

Finally, saw "Memento" with the Generalists. Neat movie! Carrie-Anne Moss is zomg in it compared to the silly Matrix movies.
Tags: books, classes, homework, movies, prolog, social

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