Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ooh, I like these chords. The funny Badd11-like chord I just wrote as B* reminds me of something on the "High Fidelity" soundtrack, I forget which song. The circle-of-fifths trip in the last 8 bars of the bridgey thing at the end is harmonically something I like doing a lot; especially the non-circle-of-fifths move from A to G# that sets it going. If you listen to me try to actually play it you can hear me totally mess up precisely that transition, because jumping from a nice comfy A to a E-shape barre chord at the 4th fret is still hard to get quickly.
B* 799800 (maybe could call it Badd11?)
A* 577600 (maybe could call it Aadd9?)

B* A* E [Esus4 E] x 4
A Am E C#m
A B7 E E7
A G# C#m F#
F#m B7 E E
Tags: guitar, music

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