Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Other things going on today:

hanging out with madmadammim, which was rockin' good times. She up and fixed the hole in my backpack, which maybe to many of you seems a minor thing, but trust me, piecing things in the physical world back together with, like, only manual dexterity and thread is at least as astounding and magical to me as my workaday proof-theoretic axiomatic mutual-recurso-inductiving commutative monoidal algebraic twelfitudinosity seems to you.

KGB party in the evening. Fascinating how several things I habitually do to avoid being the center of attention failed utterly, which didn't really bother me in this case. Dear the recent phenomenon of my apparent peremptory social salience: I see that you are now unexpectedly garnering me the attention and flattery of girls who are, however, already contentedly in committed relationships, or else "playing for the other team", or else drunk: not bad, not bad, but some further progress would still be welcome. Although it was definitely cool when trq's girlfriend, whose name I stupidly forgot already, who has a degree in painting, cheerfully told me in detail what was I was doing wrong with the perspective in my introverted hide-in-a-corner sketchbook doodling of the party scene. I like constructive criticism, it is awesome.
Tags: social

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