Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got some piano time in at Morewood today. Too bad the pedal's still half-broken on the piano on the right.

Had a meeting with Steve Awodey, trying to think again about categorical semantics for my crazy lil' type theory. Not much progress this time.

Saw "Cars" in McConomy. Beautiful animation, but what a bizarre morality it tries to deliver at the end, through its fantasy cars-as-people world. Being nostalgic for how the general socio-automotive experience used to be, as if it were a natural and eternal part of american existence, completely misses that cars are a silly contingent human invention, and also one that tends to shit all over nature. I mean, on the one hand, I'm as nostalgic for, say, old computers from my own personal childhood as much as the next nerd. But it's not like Apple IIe-s were more natural or something, and it's not like it's more morally correct to have plinky little downs on winding little roads through the american southwest, than to have mega-interstates that happen to fuck over the aforementioned plinky little towns. Neither one is particularly natural, and "natural" is not a particularly crisp concept anyhow. Technology has fucked heartily with human cultural experience since we first figured out how to set things on fire, and I don't expect it to stop any time soon.

Hung around for a suffix of the KGB's underground tour. Lots of familiar faces, and familiar amusing stories newly embellished.
Tags: math, movies, music, piano, social

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    Sean's in town at work, good times.

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