Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Last Monday I started messing around with
Am E7 F      C  Am E7  F         C
Am E7 F      C  Am E7  F        [C   C7]
F  Fm C      C  E7 E7  Am        A7
Dm G [C G/B] Am Bo Bo [E7 ?/F#] [?/G E7/G#]

so today I tried recording it:

This was at the piano in the Wm. Pitt Union; you can hear some people talking and even clapping at the very end. I like how that makes it sound like a real live concert recording or something.

For bonus points, guess the popular mid-nineties single that has the same basic 4-chord progression, which I only noticed after I had written down the whole song.
Tags: music, piano

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