Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I went to see "Golem" and some of the "Balkan Beat Box" over at the William Pitt Union. Only one (Gabe) of the several people I expected to run into there actually was encountered. Which makes two birthday parties I've been half-invited to tonight, though I don't actually know where either of them are, so that makes attendance problematic. No big deal, though.

"Golem" was frickin' awesome. The description I heard was "klezmer funk" but it was mostly just straight traditional jewish folk music with one swing/ska song with delicious klezmer wheedly-deedly scales in the melody, full of half-step and minor-third goodness. The audience was a bit culturally skewed, such that you saw people with "you had me at shalom" T-shirts. No joke. The band had: a manic drummer, a woman on fiddle with screaming sick fiddling skillz, a trombone, an acoustic bass, a spastic dude with a tambourine, and the frontwoman played an accordion and sang. Also (cdinwood, you may find this amusing?) they had a song about the Rabbi of Chelm!

"Balkan Beat Box" were technically impressive with crazy polyrhythms and stuff, but I couldn't really get into it. Too much clippy staticy clicks in the electronics.
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