Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Chris Onstad, genius creator of Achewood, is amusing today:
Once in a great while I will allow myself to think that I have achieved something remarkable (the last time being that late, late drug- and alcohol-fueled night in 1998 when I noticed the little arrow hidden in the FedEx logo).

Also, I encourage you to read the following lovely article about Scientology. Note the reference to there being "57 perceptics" according to L. Ron Hubbard, and yet the list at the end of the article lists only 54. Note carefully that the alleged "former Scientologist", Bruce "Hines", who is clearly a plant of a certain major U.S. corporation, denounces the "Super Power" program. He is quoted as saying, "The fact that it was around in 1978 and it's still not worked out 28 years later, that's pretty significant." What is he trying to hide? It's obvious, people. He does not want the most powerful perceptic of all falling into the hands of every Joe or Jane Schmoe that happens to have a million dollars lying around, earmarked for the Scientologists. I don't know what the other omitted two are, (possibly other, heretofore secret, condiments of equally potent deliciousness) but I know this: the religio-corporate struggle over Super Ketchup Power has just begun.
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