Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Picture this: last night, I am trying to svn commit some stuff to cs-side afs, through my office machine. It looks like it is taking a little longer than usual to connect. Wait. Wait. It is not connecting. I try sshing to the machine. Nothing. Ping? Nothing.

Okay, self, don't panic. It's not like you've had a recent spate of hardware failure all around you, right? Uh. Okay. Panic just a little. But resolve to dispassionately go into the office tomorrow morning and see what the problem is. Maybe the power just got nudged out of the wall. Maybe the processor died and the hard drive's fine. Maybe the hard drive's dead and computing services has my back(ups). Maybe X, maybe Y, maybe Z.

When I got to the office this morning, I discovered a hardware problem I have not had to deal with before. COMPUTER NOT THERE AT ALL. Went over to the cs help desk, eventually found out they had accidentally "retired" my machine. Thankfully nothing had really been done to it yet and they put it back in my office, with a shiny new keyboard.
Tags: computers
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