Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Talks this morning were great. I need to read up on nominal logic some. This one guy Schöpp did a categorical semantics that I didn't fully understand, due to my lack of knowledge about fibrations, but it was very intriguing. Jason Hickey's talk I did not undertsand at all. I wish Christian Urban had answered Karl's question more fully somehow, about whether there was any evidence that some theorems are natural to state in deBruijn form and therefore unnatural to express (either informally or formally) in named form. I feel like I've come across examples of these in my own work, but I can't call to mind any right now.

At the Westlake mall getting lunch, I saw:

  • A crazy guy with a cowboy hat and a pet iguana perched on his shoulder.
  • A girl who was kind of cute except she had creepily Paul-Atreides-blue eyes. Seriously. Human eyes should not seem to glow like that. To forestall the obvious question, no, I did not ask her if she wanted to "control my spice, if you know what I mean".
  • A street band consisting of two guys, one who played acoustic guitar and foot-operated snare drum, and one who played accordion and harmonica.

Had a good chat with Brigitte, and a very brief one with Karl who was busy looking over Steve Zdancewic's shoulder over some Twelf proof. The rumor according to the former is that MTeX is getting ever closer to being practically usable.
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