Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So I was going to give my talk this evening, but the invited speaker, Patrick Blackburn, was delayed coming in from england and so they bumped the last two people in the program (including me) up to the beginning. So I gave my talk and I got a couple questions and it went decent I think.

During the subsequent break the laptop of the guy sitting next to me caught my eye. "Oh," I thought, noticing what was in the web browser, "he reads Language Log; That's cool." Then I noticed his name tag: Geoffrey Pullum, one of the main LL contributors. I was a bit surprised, since I didn't know he had any research interest in logic, but de Paiva's talk (going on now) is absolutely about the role of logic in computational linguistics, so I guess it makes sense he showed up.

I definitely need to read this paper of Seligman's, because it is good precedent on hybid logics that aren't quite modal.
Tags: conference, omg internet celebrities, papers, talks

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