Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I kind of hate my fucking laptop right now. Early this afternoon it completely died again, failing to boot up. I called the place I bought it at one more time, trying to confirm that it might be of any use whatsoever to take it there and have them look at it. The guy on the phone cheerfully told me (after I told him the symptoms, i.e. totally not booting up) that yeah they could at least run some five-minute diagnostic thingy on it or whatever. I figure what the hell, taking a bus over to the mall won't be a total waste of time then.

Guess what it actually was. That's right, a total waste of time. Except for gorging myself on tasty Olive Garden. That part was okay.

When I got to the store they made me wait in line for like 15 mintues to get another copy of the receipt, after which I gave them a bunch of other addresses and phone numbers and such, at which point they finally told me it would be two weeks before I would hear anything back about anything at all. No quick-check diagnostic? I ask. Anything at all to see what is actually the problem? No, they say, of course not, because we can't even boot it up. I bet, they say, it's a hard drive failure. (Nevermind I tried booting off a Knoppix CD, which totally doesn't work now, whereas once upon a time it did)

Thanks but no thanks; I might as well send it to Sony where it only takes a week.

The most tragic thing is while at Olive Garden I briefly got it to boot up, but had no network to shunt my precious recent data off to (although the vast majority of the stuff I have is backed up) Now that I've gotten back to campus (after having to take the 67A, EBA, and 61A in sequence, because of the 67A's fucked up late-night saturday route that goes to Wilkinsburg instead of Oakland) of course it is dead again.
Tags: angst, computers

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