Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I decided to try the Shadow Lounge open mic just doin' a little solo piano thing. It went pretty decent. Did some "take five", "ruby, my dear", the zelda theme, and "blue february". Kinda shaky at first — and their piano there isn't really all that great anyway — but I warmed up pretty quick. Don't worry, iole200, I am of course not giving up on us doing the duet thing there eventually as planned, whenever we are both up to it. :) Definitely need to bring my keyboard whenever I go back.

Mostly got the slides done for the talk.

Also skimmed through Nisan and Schocken's "The Elements of Computing Systems" at the recommendation of lincoln3. I think it would be a neat book to base an undergrad systems class around, but I know too much already to really enjoy it. The idea is that they show how to build a plausible complete computer all the way from logic gates up through flip-flops, a simple ALU, an assembler, etc. up to a single-process "OS" written in essentially C with funny Java syntax, which is a thin but slightly nontrivial shim between hardware and the "application software", such as it is. I mean, at least it's got a keyboard and video driver, and they can implement Pong and a few other games.

Forgot to mention seeing "Rabbit-Proof Fence" with the generalists last night, which was very interesting. It's a telling of the true story of three half-australian-aborigine-half-white girls that escaped from a school/concentration-camp back to their families from which they were forcibly removed, walking across hundreds of miles of australian wilderness.
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