Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh my is it late. I went over to "The Palace", home of groen and sk4p, for a movie night, not quite realizing how late it would go, but thems were some good movies. Saw "The Incredibles" for the zillionth time, but it is still good. After that, "V for Vendetta", which was overwrought and morally sketchy, but interesting. Everyone else seemed to think that Natalie Portman + buzzcut = strange and weird. People who know me may have already predicted that my opinion, cough, differed. Maybe it is time to cop to the whole girls-with-short hair thing that madmadammim always teased me about. I don't think that it's necessarily that I like androgyny, but that the (at least hair-related) appearances that everyone else construes as androgynous for women, I actually find extremely feminine, and, cough cough rather attractive. Ideally not like Sinead O'Connor-down-to-the-scalp-short, but, you know. Maybe I spent too much time around long-haired geek guys and I have some sort of topsy-turvy notion of gender-hair-length correlation?


Whoa, am I crazy for thinking "cop to" means "admit to"? I can't find this sense in any online dictionary at the moment.


Nevermind, freakin' UrbanDictionary has it. I wonder why dictionary.com doesn't. Is it that new a usage?
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