Jason (jcreed) wrote,

...and they ain't leavin' until six in the mo'n'

A list of the seven best things of today:

7. Richard Cheese* doing Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice"
6. Craig Davis Trio** doing Zawinul's "Birdland"
5. Richard Cheese doing Offspring's "Come out and Play" (L'Chaim!)
4. Seeing a whole bunch of deer up close in the forest at Hartwood Acres
3. Craig Davis Trio doing Parker's "Blues for Alice"
2. Receiving email about [redacted].
1. Running into Jeannie, chatting for a while just as the rain started. Her smile is so infectious the CDC is seriously concerned. (Note to anyone still playing along at home: no, not her)

(* CD in Noam's car)
(** live set at schenley plaza)

Went to the pittsburgh blues festival at the suggestion of fancybred. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and there were certainly a couple of good songs, but man; I thought I liked blues, but I really don't care for listening to three hours of it in a row again any time soon, especially when a lot of it is way down-tempo wailing harmonica-heavy blues. Getting back to noam's car was a bit of an adventure, since we had to retrace our steps through a couple hundred yards of unlit forest, and I felt I was very likely to be eaten by a grue the whole way. I swear I heard some fangs slavering, but it was probably just my stomach. Of course we made it back without incident. The most harrowing thing that happened was that there was an electric fence in a garden that we almost bumped into.

Still glad I went. It was a crazy thing seeing the 93-year-old "Pine-Top" Perkins pounding away on the keyboard at songs lyricizing his sexual prowess. Oh, and the advantage of going the back way is that we, uh, sort of entirely avoided the ticket booth. *cough*
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