Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Deadwood funny: I can't stop chuckling at the first three comments of this post by Diesel Sweeties man R. Stevens.

Also here is an interesting but likely controversial paper about computer science pedagogy. Before you read it, I recommend posing the following question to yourself. The authors found that giving a multiple-choice test about programming to non-programmers yields roughly three results, depending on the test-taker. Either the taker gives answers (about a programming language he or she has never seen before, having had no experience programming at all!) that follow a consistent model of what the programming language might do, gives a set of answers that are inconsistent, or leaves most answers blank. They then found that one of these three groups goes on to do much better in introductory programming classes. Which do you think it is? I guessed it would be the "consistent model" group, and it was. The authors say most CS people expect it to be the no-answer group, and most social science people expect it to be the inconsistent group (because they show that they "can use different methods as appropriate" or something)
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