Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Just before going to dinner with a detachment of the KGB I got a sweet copy of The 26 Letters by Oscar Ogg from book guy for five bucks. It reads a little like a children's book, and as far as factual correctness and intellectual fashion it rather shows its age, having been written in '48, but it is typeset real nice and has some nice single-color illustrations. The dust jacket was all torn so I scanned it in and diddled around with it in illustrator and printed out another one. Too bad CFA's color laser printer doesn't print full bleed, or else it would be just about perfect for printing dust jackets for standard-sized hardcover books. If I ever get up to a more decent level of hand-binding skillz, I will be sure to make them more like 8"x5" than 9"x6".
Tags: books

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