Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Work: still stuck on silly little technical details of proving things about this labelled system. The paper-revision deadline is coming up fast, though, so I should get more in gear about that.

Music: rocked a couple of Police songs with heather, chris on drums, and frank on bass. Fun! "Message in a Bottle" was very cool once I remembered the golden rule of adapting popular guitar music for piano: leave out the freakin' thirds and play power chords instead. C#m-A-B-F#m sounds like someone trying to play music. C#5-A5-B5-F#5 sounds like rocking out. Contrarily, though, tossing in a bunch of jazz-ish 9ths and major sevenths sounds totally right on "Every Step You Take".

Random stuff: Mailed a check to my mom for the cost of plastic bins to put all my crap in back home in wisconsin. I still feel bad that I wasn't actually there pcaking the crap into the bins, but she really wanted to move before I would have a chance to visit home again. Need to talk to the gas company and get DSL reimbursement tomorrow.

Font stuff: made some progress; image link goes to a PDF.
Tags: fonts, music

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