Jason (jcreed) wrote,

There was like an actual legitimate not-corny-lounge-music jazz band playing around lunch time at the Schenley Pavillion today. The more or less daily music there has been spotty, but these guys were good; I sat around for a good hour or so until they finished. I asked for and got "Ruby, My Dear", which came out sounding great, and also they played "Blue Monk" and "A-Train" and "Milestones", "Early Autumn", "Smile", "Favorite Things", "Girl from Ipanema" at someone else's request, and some Coltrane I didn't recognize. Good stuff.
Tags: music

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    Oh jeez Boulet, this is what you casually slap together for a 24-hour comic? Come on, now, you're just showing off. (But seriously it is so cute)

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    Compare: (a) Borges's Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge. (b) Today's smbc. --- A further example of excellent linguistic trolling…

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    Le Ballon Rouge

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