Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ah, here is the book I should have got about tie-tying! krasnoludek did point me to a paper by the same authors, but not soon enough for me to get the full benefit of it, I suppose.

The review in Nature by Gregory Buck of this book is pretty hilarious:

[...] I am a modern American mathematician, well-schooled in the sartorial traditions of my field, and so would perhaps be a natural reviewer for a book entitled The Well-Wrinkled Tee Shirt or, perhaps, Wearing Sandals in the Snow. However, I teach at a liberal arts college, and so can wear a tie while teaching when I want to without risking my mathematical reputation — of course, for conferences I pull my clothes out of the bottom of the dirty laundry pile like everyone else. (My colleagues in the economics department scoff at my tie-wearing, considering it too infrequent to be taken seriously, but they are extremists — I am pretty sure they wear ties with their pyjamas.) [...]
Tags: books, funny, ties

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