Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The wedding yesterday was very nice! There were two separate ceremonies, Hindu and Unitarian. Both were interesting to watch, and neel and rachel looked so happy through both. Also since it took place in Alumni Concert Hall in CFA, I got a turn on the piano during the tail end of the reception, which was fun. I tried playing some stuff for people to dance to, since there was a considerable swing-dancer contingent among the friends of the bride and groom, but "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" was the only one that seemed to work well. I realize that most of my usual favorite jazz standards are more balladish ("Autumn Leaves", "Angel Eyes", "Ruby, My Dear", "Mood Indigo" etc.). I tried "Have You Met Miss Jones?" but I think I overcompensated and played it at way too high a tempo.

After I went to Fuel and Fuddle with roseandsigil, relaxatorium, etopiei. I discovered that ordering the burger medium and without barbecue sauce, and getting waffle fries (which I didn't know they had until relaxatorium ordered them) instead of the default weird heterogeneous potato and sweet potato frieds leads to deliciousness. Also, roseandsigil taught me a valuable lesson about Taoism. It is: "Look, I don't like ketchup, and I like girls. Okay?!" Er, well, I think the conversation that led up to that point was about Taoism. What I have taken away as my personal interpretation of this timeless and unerring apothegm, is that ketchup goes well with everything except for girls, and conversely girls with everything except ketchup.
Tags: food, social, wedding

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