Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ugh, skamille is a wonderful, generous, and terrible person.

The whole story is that zare_kkcrawfordgenuinekfc at some point in the past got a copy of some Seinfeld DVDs which she already had, and so was instructed, naturally, to "regift" them to someone else. That someone else became me. I liked them so much that I felt actually purchasing them would have been a fine decision. In a move materially equivalent, I bought skamille a copy since she mentioned enjoying Seinfeld. So she for some reason felt she owed me a favor, and just recently sent me season one of Deadwood, which is completely awesome. I didn't even think I liked westerns that much (my dad and grandpa watch old Westerny movies all the time and they bore me to death) but Deadwood is eminently watchable and addictive, and holy cow is Robin Weigert's Calamity Jane my fake celebrity girlfriend twelve times over by now. It's actually feels like a mafia show that got lost somewhere in 19th century frontier territory, much like Firefly seems like a western that accidentally got put in space. But then again, I liked Firefly a lot, too.

Anyway, I lost many hours today watching Deadwood. Damn yooou, Cammiillle! Damn you for having such good taste in television!
Tags: deadwood, television

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