Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I suppose I do have a little to show for the last few weeks of occasional font hacking:

It's very much like Caslon in shape, with a few features borrowed from Bell, and a few things I wanted to do different just because I like them better that way. One obvious thing is that the contrast is extremely low, to try to recapture that warm feeling of how ink looks all blobby after soaking into the paper a bit. Geometrically, the a is very narrow and more venetian/humanist in shape, becase that is what happens to float my boat, and the s is rather narrow too, at least compared to other Caslon revivals I've seen. I still have some serious problems in the bdpq group; I got kind of impatient with them. The w and x may be too dark, and the u might be too light. Something is strangely broken with the spacing around the j. I don't know if that's the gimp's fault for fucking up, or whether I actually set the right sidebearing too small. I rather like the g. I may be trying too hard to be trendy with the c and r, flattening out their concave bits, but lord a'mighty I do love trendtastic things like Freight Micro.
Tags: fonts

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