Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I wandered over to the cluster thinking I would help out with the ongoing ICFP contest preparations, but my attention span didn't last too long. I think I like the mystery hunt/puzzlequest/whatsit style of contests (which sometimes are helped by programming) somewhat better than these contests that are more about programming specifically.

As of just now I am registered to attend LICS 2006, and the associated workshops HyLo (for which I need to write a little talk) and LFMTP. Still need to get plane tickets 'nnat. Anyone of you Seattle folks interested in letting me crash on your couch for some time during August 10th till 17th? I think the student hotel rates are pretty reasonable, so don't feel pressured, but nothing beats free plus hanging out with good friends till the wee hours of the morning.

Oh, and yesterday there was a bit of a spontaneous music shindig with grammarnerd and iole200, which was quite fun, though I remember getting flustered over some passage of a broadway-musical song whose chords confused me a lot. I really have to work on pounding out this stubborn perfectionistic streak. It does tend to pop up most viciously when I play music with people whose musical talent I respect so much, and so I feel like I don't want to let them down :)
Tags: conferences, hylo, icfp, lfmtp, lics, music

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