Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Let me tell you a little story about high school. In high school I had these things called "English classes", and "History classes". In these classes I was required to write papers. When I wrote a paper, I could not help but form an opinion of how good the paper was I had just written. Now I am a wee bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing, so for the most part I thought they were crappy papers. The funny thing is that the grade I received on these papers was inevitably inversely related to my own opinion of it. If I thought it was the most wretched, half-assed, mealy-mouthed, incoherent, rambling, rumbling, bumbling, mumbling pile of Noah Webster's own toilet-candy, then it meant I had half a chance of getting an A. If I thought it was, you know, all things considered, a pretty decent paper containing interesting ideas and arguments I might rightly be somewhat proud of having as a mere high school student, I would, on a good day, get a C+.

It seems this curse has followed me to the present day.

I thought the LFMTP paper was pretty decent, for, after all, it had been worked over pretty heavily in a few versions, and I had been helped a lot by Frank in writing it. Result: REJECTED, and I could hear the reviewers scratching their heads in the wording of the reviews.

I thought the HyLo paper was, relatively speaking, an incomplete piece of imprecise gesticulation that I wished I could make much better if I only had the time, but heck, I wrote it under some considerable deadline pressure since I only found out about the extended deadline two days before it expired. Result: ACCEPTED with two "strong accept" reviews.

In conclusion, I'm-a goin' to Seattle in August. Woo! I sure do want to make time to see the zillions of my friends that have settled out there.
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