Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Inspired by _tove and her sweet hand-bound copy of the first story of the Cyberiad, I made a little blank book today, vaguely following the sewing instructions from here, and even more vaguely following the board construction in here. Mine was extremely simplified and broken in many ways (I only had three signatures of standard letter paper folded octavo, my sewing kind of fucked up at the end, the end-papers are simply the first and last page glued directly to the boards) but it was still fun to get out something definitely book-like at the end, and I spent the rest of the day filling it up with little notes and doodles and hilarious quotes from books I found in the reference section of Hillman and what-not. I scavenged the cardboard back of a legal pad for the boards, and an old bandana for a cloth cover. I'd post pictures but I don't have a working camera, and I'm a little bit leery of tossing it on the scanner and smooshing it.

In work news I have been looking at the proof of completeness for focusing in Kaustuv and Frank's CSL paper. The key proof is sketched out, so I'm not as confident that I see all the major difficulties as clearly as I would if the cases were staring me in the face, but I'm optimistic that a minor extension of the system I have in mind could represent such a proof. The hardest thing I do see is the notion of passing from linear to ordered context, i.e. occurrences of phrases like "suppose Ω is some serialization of Δ" but I have an idea or two about how to do that.
Tags: arts and crafts, books, focusing, work

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