Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Last night, music with grammarnerd (especially fun: "God Bless the Child", "Lush Life", "Wade in the Water") and a brief outing to listen to the Shadow Lounge open mic night. The quality of the music there fortified my resolve to get out some night and play there with heather. That is to say, it was sort of bleah and so not intimidating with being too high-quality. Except for this one pretty sweet blues harmonica and guitar player. He had some good stuff.

Today: trying to figure out how to nicely encode a completeness proof for focusing in my little system. I should probably read kaustuv's CSL paper to better understand how the informal proofs usually go. Went to D's; good times as expected. Conversation about quantum field theory, beer, linguistics, voice recognition systems, soccer, beer, type theory, beer.
Tags: math, music, social, work

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