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Tonight I saw Andrew Bird downtown at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. The opening band was adequate, but Mr. Bird himself was quite good. He did a funny version of "Tables and Chairs", and I liked "Why?" and "Skin is, My" and some song that mentioned the game "Operation" whose title I can't find at the moment.

Just before leaving for the concert I found this item just inside my front door:

It turns out it came unsolicited (but not unhappily received) from a woman named Svetlana Knjazeva, who lives here:

I'm imagining she probably got my address out of the Pasporta Servo list or somethin'. Inside was a postcard and a letter that read:

La 11an de Aprilo 2006

Saluton, Jason Reed!
Mia nomo estas Svetlana. Mi loĝas en Rusio en urbo Krasnojarsk. Mi estas Komencantina Esperantistino. Mi lernas en komerca instituto. Mi havas 22 jarojn. Mi volas korespondi kun vi!

En vakantan tempon mi ŝatas naĝi, aŭskulti muzikon, danci, ludi en tenison en mia instituto, kaj promeni kun geamikoj. Ĉu [sic] vi ŝatas fari en vakantan tempon? Ankaŭ mi ŝatas hejmbestojn, ĉar mi havas katino. Ĝi nomiĝas Murka. Ĉu vi havas hejmbestojn?
Mi finas skribi leteron kaj atendu vian respondon!

Ĝis baldaŭ!

P.S. Ĉu vi povus sendi al mi bildkartojn de via urbo?

Respekte, Svetlana

I'll put off posting the translation for now and leave it as a puzzle. Plenty of english cognates in there; not too hard. I learned some interesting things about russian trying just to decode the envelope. For one, the italic lower case of cyrillic is crazysignificantly different from the roman-derived italic, and it thwarted me a few times trying to babelfish things. The Wikipedia is a good source. The thing that appears twice on the envelope that looks sort of like "mecma" is actually pronounced "mjesta", because the second m is a different m, which is actually a lowercase t. The other thing I learned is that "А.Я. stands for 'abonentny yashik' which is Russian for Post Office Box." (which my siberian correspondent chose to transliterate as "a/ja") thanks to Anton D'Auria and his girlfriend's (whose name I regrettably already forgot) collective Russian language expertise, having run into them at the show.
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